What is Modern Mid-Century?

The mid-century modern trend isn’t so outdated anymore. Styles are always changing and interior design is no exception. The most beautiful aesthetics will continue to be in fashion. The revival of mid-century modern design is happening right now and we think it’s a good thing.

Why is this style so popular more than a half century later? We will tell you why midcentury modern won’t really go away and how to incorporate the style into your home while keeping it current in the 21st century. Sometimes the traditional way of doing things is still the best. Modernize any look.

This style does not only refer to interior design. The term “mid-century” is used to describe any architecture, furniture or accessories that were popular after World War II. For a better understanding of mid-century modern decor, look for furniture with simple lines and clean shapes.

If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, then you are familiar with mid-century modern design. Author Cara Greenberg coined the term in 1984. It was used by her to discuss the distinctive 1950s looks in her book Mid-Century Modern Furniture of the 1950s.

Although the term moniker has grown a lot in the last few decades, it is most often used to refer only to styles that were popular after World War II. Although there are a few variations, most agree that the time period covers 1945-1969.

It is simple.

You won’t find excessive excess in mid-century-modern design projects. The mid-century style doesn’t require a lot of embellishments. Instead, it is about reducing items to their most essential elements and letting their purpose shine.

This is a key point to remember when choosing furniture for your space. Furniture should be clean and can be used multiple times if necessary. Avoid decor items with a modern or geometric aesthetic.

When designing your space, this concept must also be considered. Instead of cluttering up your space, choose one focal point that will define the room’s purpose. Consider putting a statement piece of furniture in your dining area or creating a welcoming seating area in the living room. Don’t be afraid of allowing negative space to play an important role in your design.

It allows us to play with color.

It is important to bring visual interest into spaces that focus on simple shapes. Bold pops of color are a key feature of the mid-century modern look. Bold colors are acceptable. Brooke Schneider, a Long Beach-based designer, best explains it:

You don’t have to be afraid of going big with colors like blueberry, citron or fire-engine. Be careful not to mix loud colors together as they were in the past. This could make your space look less retro-inspired and more out of date. To give this design a modern twist, temper one bold piece of art with more neutral colors.

It is a way to connect with the natural world.

The mid-century-modern look is all about incorporating nature. Mid-century modern interior design emphasizes simplicity. It makes sense that this style would have a strong connection with nature. This aesthetic may appeal to those looking to adopt sustainable design.

It is important to first consider how the environment can impact the layout of the space. Large windows are a common feature of mid-century architecture. You can still follow these principles by making windows the center of your space and removing heavy drapery.

When choosing the elements that will fill your space with design elements, you should choose items made of natural materials like wood, metal, leather, and cotton textiles. You don’t have to be afraid to incorporate greenery into your design.

Architecture is also included in the mid-century modern school of design.

Mid-century modern design has been around for over half a century. This school of design is making a comeback in interior design, thanks to its clean lines, bold colors, and connection with nature. Architecture can take the mid-century-modern design principles very well.

The bottom line

It is important to eliminate clutter and other unnecessary decorations in order to create a mid-century modern design theme for your home. To focus on the space’s most important focal points and lines, eliminate clutter. While simplifying is important, don’t forget to add color and accents to your style. If you’re decorating in mid-century modern style, take a look at each item and consider whether it contributes to the theme.

This article will help you incorporate the modern aesthetic into your interiors, while keeping them looking fresh and modern. You can have both the old and new design. It’s easy to find mid-century modern decor thanks to its popularity.

Are you a fan of the mid-century modern look? Do you have any questions about how to incorporate this style into your home? Leave your comments below.

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