Tutorial: DIY Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

Growing fresh herbs at home has been something I have always wanted. They make any dish taste better. The kitchen is filled with fresh herbs, which adds a wonderful aroma that’s always appreciated. You can also make beautiful herb pots to decorate your kitchen and add a touch of elegance.

There’s always the problem of where to place it, especially in a small kitchen. You don’t want the counter space to be wasted, and growing a herb plant right on top of the counter might not be the best choice for decor. Here’s my DIY solution: a small hanging mason-jar herb garden that can be attached to the side or back of a cabinet. It will be a great decor piece that you can use all year.

This little project is simple and requires very few supplies. You don’t need to have any crafting skills. Here are the things you will need:

  • A few pretty mason jars, or as many as you want
  • To hang the jars, a piece of twine. To tie the twine securely, choose jars with a wider brim.
  • Herb plants

Once you have all the supplies, let’s get started with the preparation of the jars. Attach the twine to your jar neck. Make sure it is securely tied and secure. Tie the twine properly by attaching a hook to the end.

Next, prepare your plants. I use small plastic pots that are available in stores to grow herbs. These pots are very handy as we can transfer the plats from them to our jars. You can simply cut the plastic and leave the bottom like this:

The bottom of the pot can be left attached to the soil. This will act as drainage in your jar. You will need drainage if you are unable to cut the pot or don’t have one.

When you are done, hang the jars and create your own herb garden.

Since I didn’t want the hassle of drilling holes in my hardwood cabinet, I used one nail to hang them on twine. You can use any fixture as long as it can support the weight of the containers.

This is it! A simple, but beautiful herb garden that will improve your cooking skills and beautify your kitchen. I invite you to make this project at home. Please share your experiences and ideas with me.

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