These are the Best Places to Buy Mid-Century Modern Decor

Would you like your home to look like “Mad Men?” It’s not uncommon to want your home to look like Don Draper or Betty. Many decor lovers love the unpretentious, sleek style of mid-century modern decor. What is mid-century modern? Mid-century modern (MCM), a well-known American movement, has had a profound impact on all areas of design. The mid-century modern style is characterized by a focus on form, function, minimal trimmings and embellishments and sleek lines with a mixture of contrasting materials. It has made a lasting impression on American design history.

Architectural Digest says that the movement took root after World War II thanks to new technologies, materials and a newfound wealth. Today, you can find many stores selling mid-century modern furniture, from authentic vintage pieces to brand new MCM at a variety of prices.

These lists can be used as a guide to help you find your perfect mid-century modern look. Are you looking for affordable MCM pieces that are pocket-friendly? You can find nine budget-friendly places to shop here. Our list of luxury places to splurge if your budget is more limited and you are looking to build a mid-century collection.

Modern design at a reasonable price:

Iconic Mid Century Modern Decor Elements Family Handyman
Iconic Mid Century Modern Decor Elements Family Handyman

You may experience sticker shock when you try to create a mid-century modern home or apartment. The good news is that not all mid-century modern decor needs to break the bank. It’s possible to create a beautiful, affordable space in mid-century style with a little imagination, DIY skills and some detective work. Are you ready to shop? These nine locations offer mid-century modern decor.

Both authentic mid-century modern furniture and reproductions of high quality will cost you significantly more than their cheaper counterparts. This is because of the high-quality furniture and the craftsmanship involved in its design. These companies offer high-quality, vintage-inspired, mid-century modern decor that can be cherished as heirloom pieces for your home.

  • Design Within Reach: This is a brilliant concept. You can find a Milo Baughman recliner and an Eames sofa as well as a Matthew Hilton dining table on the same website.
  • Herman Miller: According to legend, Herman Miller was the one who helped create American Modernism. Herman Miller continues to collaborate with legendary designers such as Eames to create furniture that is both functional and artful.
  • Anthropologie: Anthropologie has the perfect furniture for small spaces. Your living space will not be cramped by their tailored sofas or coffee tables.
  • 2Modern: 2Modern is devoted to “curated design for a broad range of discerning customers”. Find high-quality mid-century modern pieces of exceptional craftsmanship, by brand, designer, or room. Mid-century statement lighting by 2Modern will transform any space.
  • Perigold: Perigold carefully curates luxury mid-century modern decor from around the globe. It offers exquisitely crafted pieces by well-known designers.
  • Danish Design Store: The Danish Design Store offers mid-century modern pieces by close to 20 designers. It takes decorating your home and office in midcentury modern style to the next level.
  • CB2: If you don’t have the budget for luxury, CB2 is the place to shop. CB2 falls at the affordable end in the MCM furniture range. CB2’s furniture and decor is “sleek”, chic, functional and comfortable. From bar cabinets and chairs, to credenzas and credenzas, CB2 is part of Crate and Barrel.

The bottom line

Mid-century modern decor is a keystone of the design industry, and it’s here to stay. You can find vintage MCM furniture at thrift shops, specialty shops, and yard sales. If you are having trouble finding authentic mid-century modern furniture or prefer new pieces with an MCM vibe, there are many retailers that sell mid-century modern furniture at a variety of prices. You can add a few modern touches to your home, or create a whole MCM look with our top shopping tips.

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