Ten Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Mid-Century Modern Look

Although it may only be 202, the nostalgic pull of 1950’s architectural designs is bringing modern-day homes back to the past. For many good reasons, homeowners are flooding the market to find unique gems in mid-century modern architecture. Many of these homebuyers have one reason: we are used to living in mass-produced societies and want unique, custom-made designs. Our eyes get tired of looking at identical houses row after row. The majority of us could get lost on our very own street!Unfortunately, most of these elusive mid-century jewels have all been purchased (there are only so many left to go around). There are some benefits to living in an off-the-rack home with code-compliant electricity. These are 10 ways to bring your home back in history without living in a time capsule.

1. Bring wood back

Today’s furniture is largely made from engineered pressed hardwood. The 50’s furniture collection is a great way to let real wood shine through. These classic mid-century pieces are made with clean lines of teak walnut, oak, rosewood, and other woods. Maybe a George Nelson or Noguchi item is too expensive. There are many modern-made copies that can be copied of these designs. Many retailers are offering low-end furniture that reflects this style, in response to growing demand.

How To Add A Mid Century Modern Style To Your Home
How To Add A Mid Century Modern Style To Your Home

2. Take a look at a remodel

You love your home, but you want to make it more modern. Then consider hiring a design architect to help with some remodeling.Eliminating walls in order to achieve the open, airy floor plan that a mid-century home would boast is a great idea when done by a competent team of designers and builders. A professional could design a large floor-to-ceiling natural stone fireplace. This combination shouts mid-century modern. Or you might consider doing something simpler like adding mirrors to your kitchen backsplash, or one wall in your living area. You will find many nostalgic ideas when you take a virtual tour of mid-century homes.

3. Make sure your lights are working correctly

You will find unique pendant lights and fixtures in mid-century modern homes. These architectural lights can be custom-made by many online artists. You can search until you find the right piece for your home.

4. Furnishings: Get Your Flea on

10 Easy Ways To Add A Mid Century Modern Style To Your Home
10 Easy Ways To Add A Mid Century Modern Style To Your Home

The easiest way to bring mid-century style to your home is to move beyond the mass-produced furniture stores. You should use a mixture of vintage shops and flea markets to find unique home goods. Look for furniture that has clean lines, bold graphic fabrics, and mid-century legs. You might find four peg legs at a flea market that shout 1950’s. Take these legs home to use on a piece of furniture you already have. Voila! Now you can create your own mid-century design.

5. Add a Bar

A bar to mix drinks can be built-in, cart or built-in. It’s a great way to relive the 50’s. Your bar will be filled with vintage glasses, high-end liquors, and a cocktail shaker. Bar carts can be moved from one room to another for entertaining and parties.

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can be used in any style of decor. Mirrors can add light and airiness to any room in your house. A mirror can be used to make a space appear larger by reflecting light in it. It can also highlight beautiful gardens by being placed next to a window or door. This era’s icon is the sunburst mirror. This accessory is a must-have accessory that brings mid-century style to your home. You can find many replicas online and in stores.

7. Modern Kitchen

Post-war homeowners wanted to feel futuristic and modern, which led to the mid-century movement. Their kitchens were meant to reflect the new trend in design. It is recommended to keep your kitchen’s lines very clean in order to achieve this look. You can replace curved ornate kitchen cabinets by flat, plain wood ones. Consider cork or laminate flooring, as well as stainless steel and marble countertops. Keep your kitchen’s lines clean and simple.

8. Paint – White is Right

White paint was used on walls in most mid-century homes. Why? It allowed high-quality furniture to be the center of attention. Mid-century homeowners were proud to show off the craftsmanship of their home, furnishings, and the white paint allowed the rest of the space to showcase its lines. This is a great mid-century design solution!

9. Even the smallest details can make a big difference

Sometimes the simplest things in your decor make the most style statements. A few metal wall plaques, or large graphics oil on canvas, can make a big style statement. You don’t want to clutter your walls with lots of art for a modern look. You can keep it simple with only a few high-quality, bold pieces of art. It’s better to own a few high-quality pieces than a lot of cheap knick-knacks.

10. Wallpaper – If You Dare

Although most walls are best with clean lines, you can add a little glamour to a dining area by covering one wall in bold, graphic wallpaper. These bold and graphic prints were a favorite among homeowners during this period.
The nostalgia and history of the mid-century modern movement are not going away. It seems that the architectural talent and artistry of the mid-century modern movement is not fading away.

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