Mountain Modern Architecture: 7 ways to define the Trend

In the past, building a mountain home meant bear rugs or deer heads. It was great for weekend getaways, but rustic homes weren’t always livable. A mountain home can quickly become a cartoon with its kitschy design and knickknacks. Even though it may seem like a great space for a weekend, it can quickly become too cluttered and heavy for real-life living.

This is why mountain modern design is so popular. These homes are more easily livable because they pay homage to the mountain lifestyle without having to do too much. Mountain living is much more enjoyable when there’s no clutter or kitsch. This design style is also respectful of the land, making mountain living more possible. Take a look at the most popular aspects of mountain modern design to decide if this is right for you.

1. Unique Exterior

Mountain-style homes are often recognizable, especially if they are made from logs or timber. Mountain homes haven’t seen much change in the past 100 years. Mountain modern is a new way to look at the traditional rustic home. You should look for homes with sharp edges and that take into account the surrounding landscape. Architecture can design homes that are rustic but more energy-efficient by incorporating modern technologies.

Spectacular Mountain Modern Family Home In Martis Camp
Spectacular Mountain Modern Family Home In Martis Camp

2. Simple Layout

No longer are mountain homes synonymous with hunting trophies. Mountain modern design is all about uncluttered interiors and clean lines. The style features open layouts and high ceilings. It is all about stunning views and a completely relaxing atmosphere. Traditional cabins were made up of smaller rooms. Modern rustic homes are larger and brighter. These homes are more focused on big, bold pieces that make a statement and reduce clutter.

3. Windows and Light

Light is one of the most important aspects of mountain homes. You will often see floor-to ceiling windows that frame the natural world as the home’s most important feature. Why not? You want to take in as much of the mountain landscape as you can when you build a mountain home.

When locating a home, a talented architect will consider the sun and make sure it takes advantage of the best natural light.

4. Texture over Color

If you love neutral colors, you’ll love mountain modern homes. These homes are a far cry from rustic homes that use bold, dark colors. The emphasis in design is on building materials. The building materials are part of the decor, from smooth glass to rough stones, chunky woodwork, and textured concrete. Neutral colors let the textures of all materials shine, rather than hiding them.

Sumptuous Mountain Contemporary Home In Vail Colorado
Sumptuous Mountain Contemporary Home In Vail Colorado

5. Local Sourcing

Mountain modern homes can look deceptively simple. It’s easy to overlook the engineering and design involved in achieving this look with their clean lines and open spaces. Even though it may seem simple, many local sourcing and reclaimed material are often included in the design. This is not only for aesthetics, but also to respect the land and help the home blend with its natural surroundings. Modern homes are often made from local stone, steel, and wood.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Living

If you don’t take care of your outdoors space, what’s the point in a mountain home? Modern homes view outdoor space as part of their total living space. This includes walls of retractable windows and huge decks, as well as ski-in/ski-out basements. Modern mountain homes focus on making the most of the land. This can mean less traditional thinking about the outdoor space. It’s all about enjoying the mountain escape, from built-in hot tubs and native landscaping.

7. Low Maintenance Design

Modern mountain homes are not fussy. You can expect simple designs that take the weather, rainfall and wildlife into account. Local stone and native plants can help you spend less time maintaining your home, and more time enjoying it. It’s simple: The fewer places your home is in, the easier it will be to maintain. Smooth, thoughtful exteriors can be compared to the natural surroundings by drawing inspiration from the landscape.

Mountain modern is a new trend in architecture. However, it’s also one of the most sustainable. Mountain modern homes offer the best of both worlds, whether you’re looking to build a mountain retreat or a home that is charming enough for urban living. It’s an architectural style that creates a peaceful retreat in any home by respecting the natural environment and embracing a relaxed approach to design.

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