Learn how to hang wall art correctly every time

One of the most difficult problems in interior design is how to hang wall art correctly. It’s obvious that a poorly hung piece of art will stick out like a sore thumb. But it can be difficult to do right. Until you understand the rules, it can be difficult to get right. This is your definitive guide to hanging wall art correctly. We have covered every step necessary to ensure that your artwork is placed in the right place every time.

Select the right size for your artwork

You must ensure that the wall art you choose fits the space it will be installed. You can hang wall art with ease, even if your hanging skills are impeccable. However, wall art placed directly behind furniture such as a buffet or painting will look out of place. You can use a trick to estimate your measurements. The furniture should be slightly longer than either the wall art or the wall art. If you plan to hang the artwork on a separate wall, it is best to aim for a wall hanging approximately two-thirds the length. However, there is no problem that can be solved using a calculator. The conventional wisdom says that artwork should not take up more than four-sevenths the wall it is attached to. Start by measuring the wall’s length and width. Multiply each number by 0.571 to get four-sevenths of a decimal.

Adjust the layout to suit the space

The rule of thumb in the past was that artwork should be placed at about eye level. It is not a good idea to place artwork at eye level for someone 5’1″ or 6’5″, so it is a bit arbitrary. The consensus is that the center point of an art piece should be at least 57 inches above the floor. To find this spot, measure the height of the image and divide that number by 2 to find the center. Next, measure the distance between the nail hook or picture wire and the top of your frame. Add the distance to half of your picture’s height and then multiply it by 57. No matter what your final number is, measure the distance from the wall to determine the location of your nail. Mark it for future reference. These figures can be used as a guide but you should not hesitate to adjust them. To make the most of high ceilings in a room, you might want to hang your wall art higher than usual.

How to hang wall art

Now it’s time for you to hang your wall art. Although this task is often done by two people, it can be done on your own. You only need some tape and paper. Cut it out to create a template. Mark the template with a line to indicate where the hook or picture wire will be. Measure the distance from the wire to top of the frame and mark the line on the template. Match the markings on the template with the wall’s nail marks and attach it to the wall using tape. This will allow you to look at the wall art from a distance. You can make any adjustments you like. You will need to place the nail at the exact spot that you have marked. Next, remove the template. Then, you can simply place the image.

Gallery walls can be tackled

Gallery walls are often avoided by people who feel they will be too difficult to assemble or won’t look good. Hanging one of these isn’t difficult. The difference lies in the way you begin. After you have collected all the pieces, choose the arrangement. This should be done on the floor, not on the wall, so that you can make adjustments easily. Once you are satisfied with your layout, choose a central item and build it around it. Place a template for your center photo at approximately 57 inches. Next, add the templates to your layout. Next, place each nail according to the template.

We are confident that you won’t be the only one who is unsure about how to hang wall art correctly. One of the most important tasks in interior design is often a challenge for homeowners. This is where we come in. This guide will help you hang wall art. These tips will make it easy to hang wall art. Are you able to share any helpful tips? Leave a comment below.

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