It’s so popular to decorate your home in Italian style

The question is: Why would it not? It is no surprise that Italian-style home decor is very popular. It is elegant, exquisitely-gilted and made of the finest quality furniture. Italian design is synonymous with luxury. Renaissance architecture and design dates back to the 15th century in Florence, Italy. This design featured elegant baroque stylings and architectural stone columns. Today’s Italian-Style homes feature amazing craftsmanship and beautiful styles. However, there seem to be two main schools of design: Old World Ornate Italian or Modern Italian. This article will detail all the great offerings for both modern and old-world Italian-Style homes. After you’re done, you might also like to read 10 Simple Ways To Awaken Your Interiors with Luxe Details.

Italian Style: Layered Luxury

It is not clear if this is due to ancient Italian history, or just good taste, but it is evident that Italians know how to decorate homes. Every corner is covered in luxury, from floor to ceiling. Fine craftsmanship and top-quality materials are the hallmarks of Italian design. Murano crystal chandeliers are hung from paneled ceilings in Old World Italian homes. The walls of the Old World Italian homes have Murano crystal chandeliers draping from paneled ceilings. A designer may be a good choice to help you with your decorating project. It is not possible to have a chic nouveau riche style that isn’t authentically Italian.

Italian Style: Supreme Elegance

This is not about simple elegance. We are not talking about understated elegance. It is hard to deny the elegant quality of the columns that line these rooms, as well as the architectural details in the tray ceilings and arched windows. You might also like to read 10 Ways to Use Colums in Your Home. This elegant design style is a great addition to any home. The image below shows an elegant boudoir that is full of Italian elegance. If you desire a rich, luxurious look with layers of luxury, this is the ideal example to copy.

Italian Style: Tiles, Marble, and Stone

Stoneware in all its forms, from marble to terracotta, has its roots in Italian history. This rustic stone was transformed by ancient Italian artisans into beautiful pieces. Art of Italian Tiles and Decorative Floors cites how Italian flooring was transformed by ancient Italian artisans into beautiful pieces of art. The elegant homes of today are covered in this veined, gleaming stone. Modern designs use this marble stone to enhance their minimalist interiors. Terra cotta tiles are for those who prefer rustic styling. Their colors and textures offer a new level of Italian artistry.

Italian Style: Gilted in gold

Italian decor can be a great choice for this. If done right, the extra gilt of Italian decor can add that extra layer of luxury. This gilt style is evident in marble stone’s veining, which reflects a love for glamorous gold (see below). Accessories are another way this gilt style can be seen. These homes have a lot to choose from. These accessories are of the highest quality, and you won’t find a knockoff from a chain store in an Italian home. You will find exquisite accoutrements made of stone, metal, or goldleaf-covered wood, rather than mass-produced replicas. These extravagant homes are also decorated with crystals, glass, and mirrors. These homes are so beautiful and glittering, it’s hard not to be amazed.

Italian Style: More Modern Design

There seem to be two main schools of design emerging from Italy, Old World Ornate Italian and Modern Italian. While most of the interiors we’ve seen up until now have been very traditional, modern design is definitely a part of Italian homes. The modern Italian home is a perfect example of Italian luxury and elegance. Although the furniture may be more minimalistic and less elaborate, they still exude luxury thanks to the high quality materials used. Modern Italian design is cleaner and more minimalistic than its sibling, the elegant traditionalist. There is still that luxury touch, however, that can be added to a modern Italian design.

The Italian style has been a popular choice from 15th century Florence to today. The use of quality furnishings, artistic stone, tile, and gilt is a hallmark of Italian style. It’s timeless elegance can be yours, no matter what your taste. You can’t go wrong with buying the best of all the elements. If this is not possible, you can invest in one or two pieces of high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget stone, marble, and tile whenever you can–it’s just a screaItalian luxurious!

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