How to make a large DIY picture frame

You can make a large DIY picture frame using materials from your local hardware shop. You don’t need any power tools, but you can use some of the tools you already have. These can be made as small or large as you like. All you need to do is measure the photo or art print you wish to frame.

You will have a beautiful picture frame to hang in your home. If you have multiple frames to make, this is a great project. You only need to double or triple your supplies.

What you’ll need

Equipment / Tools

  • Measure tape
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Miter box
  • Clamps
  • Cloth
  • Staple gun


  • Molding picture frames
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • Picture hanger hardware
  • Cardboard or foam board


Take a Measurement of Your Print or Photograph

Measure the top of your print or photo you want to frame. Also measure one side. This measurement will be useful for you to refer back to when you cut. This measurement will determine the final frame’s size and the backing.


Add up all sides of the photo you wish to frame to calculate how much moulding to purchase. To make room for miter cuts, add 24 inches to this total.

Mark the picture frame moulding

Based on the measurements taken, mark the length of the picture frame moulding with a pencil. Because the 45-degree angles that you will be cutting from the frame will require you to add 3 inches to each piece of moulding, it is important to add 3 inches on each side.

Take Your Cuts

Cut the moulding exactly where you marked it. Now you have four pieces for each side.


You don’t have a saw at home? No problem! You can take your measurements to your local hardware store, and ask them for a custom-cut picture molding. You can then make 45-degree cuts.

Paint or stain

You can paint it or stain it because you are making your own frame. For a vintage feel, chalk paint is an option. You can match the artwork or pick a color to complement your decor. Or you could choose a standard color such as black, white or brown.


Before you move on to the next step, make sure your picture frame moulding is completely dry.

Make your first mitered cut

Place your picture frame molding in the miter box. Make your first mitered cut at 45 degrees. You will need to do the same for the second side.

Continue with the Mitered Cuts

Make sure you do the same thing with your second piece. Continue to mold the remaining four pieces.

Place your pieces

To form the frame, place the moulding pieces on the table. Make sure to fix any errors before you move on.

Sand Your Edges

Use your sandpaper to sand the areas where you have made cuts. Sand any areas that aren’t smooth until you get rid of them. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove any sawdust.

Wood glue

It’s now time to glue the frame together. This is where your hard work will pay off. Use a good amount of wood glue to glue one of the mitered edges to the matching mitered end. Use a damp cloth to remove any glue. Continue to miter the edges until you have assembled the picture frame.

Fix the Frame Together

As the glue dries, clamps can be used to secure the frame. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and wait as long as possible. It is safe to let it dry overnight.

Staple the Frame

Use your staple gun to attach 3 staples to each corner joint. This will ensure that your frame is secure.

Add Picture Hanger

Attach the picture hanger to your frame using nails or screws. You are almost done with your DIY large picture frame!

Get a backing

To ensure your photo frame will hold securely, you’ll need a backing. Cut a large piece from cardboard or foam board to the size of the print that you want to put into the frame.

All the pieces together

Put your backing down, then place the frame on top. To secure the backing to your frame, you can use a stapler. You now have a large frame you can use to display posters and large-scale artwork. You can now hang it on the wall.

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