How to make a DIY Gnome

This tutorial will show you how to make a festive little gnome. It’s hard not to smile when you see one! This craft has a surprising element: the body of the gnome is made from a sock. This is a great way for socks that have been chewed by dryers to be repurposed and made into a cute decoration. It would make a wonderful gift for someone on the holiday season or any other time of year.

What you’ll need

Equipment / Tools

  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil or Sharpie


  • Wooden bead, or wood ball
  • Faux fur fabric (long-pile)
  • Poly-pellets
  • Pair of socks
  • Polyfil stuffing
  • Felt or patterned fabric
  • Rubber band
  • Pom-pom (optional)


Get your supplies

Start by gathering the necessary supplies to make the gnome. The sock that you will use for the base of your gnome is one of the most crucial components of this craft. It should reach past your ankle. It should be large enough and thick enough to hold the plastic pellets without stretching, and it should match your chosen color scheme.

Make the Base

First, create the base for your gnome. Next, decide how big you want your gnome. Then take a sock and stretch the sock a bit. The next step is to take the poly-pellets, and fill the sock using them. You will get the perfect shape by shaking the poly-pellets around to ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the sock. To secure the sock, make sure it is round and full. If the sock feels a bit too tight or thin, you can take the other sock and stretch it out.

Reduce the Beard

This is the most fun part of the process. Your little creation will finally look like a gnome. You will need white long-pile faux hair to make the beard. It can be purchased at craft stores or online. The size is usually 9″ x 12″, which should be enough to fit at least one gnome. Place the faux fur piece on the body of the gnome, with the furry portion against the gnome. The underside is facing you. Draw the shape of your beard with a pencil or sharpie. Then cut it out. Next, use a hot glue gun to attach the beard to the body of the gnome, starting at the top where you attached the rubber band.


Use a hot glue gun with care to avoid burns or damage. Protect your fingers and hands with gloves. When the hot glue gun is plugged in, place it on a heat-resistant surface or stand to rest it. Once it’s unplugged, let it cool completely before you store it.

Give the Gnome A Nose

Next, grab the wooden bead/ball you will be using to make the gnome’s nostrils. Apply a little hot glue to the back and secure it to the top of the white beard. To ensure it stays in place, press it down for a few seconds.

Make a Hat

You will need the hat as your last piece of equipment. You will need a piece felt or patterned fabric to make a semicircle. You can adjust your measurements by using the radius of the semicircle. Roll the semicircle fabric into a cone shape. Make sure to measure the cone’s size against the body of the gnome. To make the hat, glue the seam of the cone to the top of the gnome. Make sure the hat is filled with polyfil stuffing. Place the filled hat over the body of the gnome (hide the seam at the back) and glue it down. Begin at the front. Start by gluing the beard down, working your way around the nose of the wood beads.

Optional: Add a Pom Pom (Optional).

You can add a festive touch to your little creation by adding a pom-pom to the gnome’s hat. There are many colors of pom-poms available online and in craft stores. All you have to do is glue it on the top of your hat. Make sure the pom-pom doesn’t exceed the size of the hat. Your gnome can be finished once that is done.

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