Amazing Ideas for Sustainable and Recycled Wall Coverings

Are you interested in helping the environment while redesigning your home. If you’re willing to search, there are many ways that a home can be recycled. You can look at the many recycled wall coverings on the market to find out how to get them. These wall coverings are great for those who care about the environment, as they can be made from recycled materials.

We’ll be covering these materials as well as how to find legitimate sustainable wall coverings.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a great way to reuse materials for sustainable wall coverings. Wood is easily recyclable because it’s readily available. It is also easy to sand the wood and re-stain it for new uses.

Reclaimed wood is available in many different colors and textures. You can create a rustic accent wall by combining these textures and colors. To add interest, you can place the boards in alternating depths to make a 3D accent wall. This wall is especially good for rustic chic styles, as the reclaimed wood accent walls add a rustic feel to the space without overwhelming it.

Glass tile made from recycled glass

You could recycle everything, from bottles to windows, into making new tiles for your home. Glass is one of the most widely recycled materials so it makes sense that you can reuse it in a glass mosaic design. You can melt the glass and dye it again to create stunning designs that look just like new tile.

This sustainable wall coverings idea is being used by some studios. Artaic, a tile studio, created mosaics from recycled tiles that show other old and reused materials like scrap paper and torn cardboard. It is perfect for artistic spaces because it looks both rustic and conceptual.

Recycled paper

Another great idea is recycled paper. There are many options for sustainable wall coverings. The most popular type of wallpaper is made from recycled materials. However, you may need to source sustainable wallpaper only from a few retailers.

Wall tiles are another innovative way to use recycled paper. Dear Human, an art studio, makes tiles made from 100% recycled paper products.

Some people cover walls with pages from books to make it more artistic. This is a very creative design that can be used in home libraries, reading nooks, or even studies.

How to ensure that sustainable wall coverings are legal

There are many people who claim that sustainable materials are eco-friendly. There are several organizations that can help you ensure you only source the highest quality sustainable wall coverings.

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