25+ Ideas for Small Spaces Coffee Bars

You may need a coffee bar setup if you are like us, and you rush to the kitchen every morning to get a cup of hot coffee. While it’s easy to place a coffeemaker next to your other kitchen appliances, if you are passionate about your morning cup of coffee, you should create a beautiful space to display your coffee-making tools (think cute mugs, drink stirrers and bottles of flavored syrup, or whatever makes your cup of coffee even more delicious). These are 30 of our favorite coffee bar setups. Many of them can be replicated in even the smallest kitchens.

Make Small Spaces Shine

This nook proves that even small console tables can be used as a coffee bar. To store essentials such as coffee beans and mugs, all you need is a few hanging shelves. This setup is a great example of how vertical space can be maximized in the kitchen.

Best Desgn Coffee Bar Deas Small Space Ktchen
Best Desgn Coffee Bar Deas Small Space Ktchen

Give it a Cafe-Like Look

Clear canisters are easy to identify when you run low on coffee-making supplies and make it easier for guests to navigate the kitchen. For a café-like atmosphere, we love the idea that you can stash a sweet treat such as biscotti near your coffee supplies.

Coffee Bar Deas On Ktchen Counter Coffee Bar Deas
Coffee Bar Deas On Ktchen Counter Coffee Bar Deas

Keep supplies out of sight

A console table with cabinets can be a great option if you don’t want to look at your coffee maker supplies all day. You can also add lidded storage on its shelves. This neutral arrangement is completed by modern wooden lids for glass jars.

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas Stunning Farmhouse Style Beverage
DIY Coffee Bar Ideas Stunning Farmhouse Style Beverage

Display a darling mug rack

Display racks that are both functional and attractive will make your mugs a part of your decor. You want to bring more color into your coffee nook? You can show mugs in many colors. All-white mugs are a great choice for a minimalistic look.

Use the leftovers to make a new end table

As you can see, even a small table can hold two coffee machines. Vertical space is useful for holding canisters, cups, or even plants.

Use a small stand

You should think carefully about the storage systems that will do the most in your limited space. A miniature stand can be used to store flavored syrups or coffee filters, without taking up much space.

Transform a Built-In Bar

Prefer lattes over lagers? A built-in bar can be transformed into a coffee station you will love to use every day. This shabby chic design is completed with vintage accents and Mason jars.

The Dining Room is a Must-See


If you love your after-dinner coffee, it is a good idea to have your brewing station set up in the dining area. A sideboard or vintage cabinet can be a beautiful surface to place a coffee pot and other accessories.

Show off a collection

You only have a tiny space in your kitchen. You can make the most of a small space with a color scheme. This arrangement is very welcoming and pops with blue and white decor.

Attention to details

The details are everything! This coffee station is adorned with a sweetly framed print, artful kitchen accessories, and lots of charm.

Tiered Shelving: Say hello

Tiered shelving allows you to maximize countertop space. This marble solution can hold all your daily necessities and blends into the rest of the kitchen.

Get Some Trays

Trivets and small trays can be used to organize all your barista supplies while also adding decorative flair to your countertop. You can store everything from sugar cubes to straws in candy jars or your favorite pieces of glassware.

Keep it Neutral

The coffee bar actually forms part of a master bedroom. Breakfast in bed has never been easier! Its black and white color scheme makes it look ultra modern and clean, which is a key feature in a sleeping space.

Give a bar cart a new lease of life

You can transform a regular bar cart into a coffee cart. This station can be easily moved from one room to the next, making it a great setup for people who enjoy entertaining.

Get wild with color

Maximalists don’t have to be timid when it comes decorating your coffee station. Get those brightly colored mugs out of your cabinets and make a statement.

Remodel a Built-In

The DIY Mommy

Do you feel like taking on a bigger DIY project? The above-pictured coffee bar was actually installed inside an old built-in entertainment system. The doors were taken out and the wood painted a fun new color. This allowed the piece to work in a completely new way.

Use your DIY skills

Who doesn’t love a clever IKEA hack? This coffee bar is made from a Kallax unit and has legs. It fits perfectly in the corner.

Try a Faux Island

Faux islands can be a great option for kitchens with limited counter space. The faux island can also double as a java station, and is enhanced by ceramic canisters.

All of it should be thrown away

You can still have a coffee station installed in an unutilized cabinet if you want to keep your kitchen minimalist. It is important that the coffee maker can be easily plugged in. This may require drilling holes in the cabinet back or planning for this setup during renovations.

Have Fun with a Hutch

You can give a vintage hutch a new lease of life by painting it in a favorite color and filling it up with your tea and coffee essentials. Add hooks to your mugs!

Embody Your Aesthetic

It’s likely that you’ll want to decorate your coffee bar to match your home’s decor. If you’re a fan of farmhouse decor, adding baskets is an easy way to add some rustic flair to your display. These can also be pulled from the shelves to be filled with baked goods, which is great for hosting friends over for a cup.

Add Seasonal Accents

Many people love to style their coffee bars according to the seasons. You can go bold or choose subtle accents. These signs and dried flowers are a subtle nod to autumn.

Choose Corresponding Colors

When choosing an appliance for your main kitchen counter, consider the surrounding colors. A white coffee maker blends well with the backsplash and cabinets.

Go to the Living Room

You may want to make your morning coffee in the living room if you are a coffee addict. This is possible thanks to a small, rolling island.

You Can Fill A Whole Wall

You have the space to dedicate an entire wall to your coffee supplies. This minimalist setup doesn’t leave any accessories behind.

Chalkboard paint is fun

Lemons, lavender and laundry / Erin

You don’t have to set up shop but you can display a drink menu over your coffee bar with a little chalkboard paint.

Use Cake Stands to Make Your Mark

Linda – The Home I Make / Linda

These cake stands are beautiful and shouldn’t be hidden in your cupboard. You can use them to store your coffee bar essentials, and make every day a little more elegant.

Visit the Hardware Store

Tabitha’s Mommy Blog Fresh

You can build your own coffee bar if you don’t like the look of a coffee shop. The fun piping gives it an industrial feel.

Keep it current

Ashley Montgomery Design

Accents in wood tones will give your space a modern, contemporary look.

Or Embrace Antiques

You can find antique china that you like and put it in public. You don’t have to keep special teacups for special occasions. They can be enjoyed all day.

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