12 DIY Floating Shelves

Because the hardware is hidden, these DIY floating shelves seem to “float” on a wall. These shelves are a bit more difficult to construct than traditional wall shelves, but they’re still an easy project for beginners.

These floating shelves can be used anywhere you want, from the bathroom to your living room. These shelves are great for books and decorative items, but they can also be used for general storage.

Easy DIY Floating Shelves

These floating shelves are a great DIY project that will make classic shelves look great in any room of your home. This tutorial will show you how to make white oak shelves.

Hometalk 20 DIY Floating Shelves
Hometalk 20 DIY Floating Shelves

Triangle and Hexagon Shelves

These hexagonal and triangle shelves add a new twist to traditional floating shelves. These unique shelves add interest to any space in your home. They are very affordable and can be built for as low as $10 each.

Laundry Room Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be a great way to organize a space such as a laundry area. Although the process of building these shelves is slightly different from other tutorials, I found it easy to follow. You can easily alter the dimensions to make them fit in your space.

Hoop Shelf

Another great example of how to make something ordinary unique is the hoop shelf. This floating shelf is constructed with dividers that go above and below the actual shelf. To create the hoop, wrap the entire shelf with DPI board.

Floating Corner Shelves 6 Ways To DIY Floating Shelves
Floating Corner Shelves 6 Ways To DIY Floating Shelves

Wooden and leather towel shelf

This floating shelf is ideal for bathroom. A single wooden shelf can be used to store decorative items and essentials. Two leather loops hang from the shelf and are perfect for holding towels rolled up. If you are looking for storage solutions in your bathroom, this might be the one you need.

How to build a floating shelf

You can use this floating shelf to make a mantel for your TV. This shelf can be used to build a large shelf that will look great above a fireplace, or anywhere else in your home that you want to add a sturdy shelf.

Sunrise Floating Shelf

This free plan will help you make a floating shelf for your bathroom that covers a circular mirror. You don’t have to include the mirror in your project. However, the basic building instructions can be used to build this floating shelf.

Natural Wood Floating Alcove Shelves

You can use an alcove, a wall niche or any other space to create shelves for books, knick-knacks or anything else.

Designing Vibes Natural Wood Floating Alcove Shelves

Pallet Shelf

A Piece of Rainbow

This plan will help you create a floating shelf out of pallets. This tutorial will show you how to disassemble and reassemble a pallet into a shelf. It’s here being used as a charging station. But you could also use it for any other purpose. This shelf would look great in a kitchen. You can often find pallets at no cost. This is a great project for a budget.

Round Floating Corner Shelves

These round floating shelves fit in corners perfectly and are a fun twist on floating shelves. This is a great way to decorate an area of your room that’s often overlooked.

Magnetic Wooden Shelf

The unique floating shelf is small enough that it only requires a few magnets to attach to the wall. This shelf would look great in a bedroom or apartment. This project is also very easy and takes only five minutes from start to finish. This simple project comes with written instructions and a video.

Faux DIY Floating Shelves

This tutorial will teach you how to create a floating shelf wherever you like. You will need wood, brackets, paint, or wax to create a shelf like this. This tutorial will help you hide the brackets, and hang your shelf. To help you succeed, there are many photos.

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