10+ Ideas for White Rooms That Are Not Boring

Although some might think decorating with white is boring, it’s not true. White is bright and vibrant, with endless decorating options. White rooms can keep mid-century modern styles looking current, while keeping farmhouse style fresh. They also set the stage for Scandinavian design. A room’s decor can pop against white. It can be simple with neutral colors and natural materials or it can be brightened up with vibrant hues to create a high-energy space. A small piece of furniture or a floor accent can warm up a space that is all white. Even with a white base, less is more. Remember that not all paints will work in a white space. There are many ways to create different looks with white paint. Benjamin Moore offers over 200 shades in white. These white room ideas will inspire you!

Scandinavian meets Mid-Century

A striking branching bubble chandelier with rich mid-century modern furnishings looks timeless against a crisp white background.

Effortless Eichler

White Bedroom Ideas For Your Home
White Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

A clean kitchen is a good thing. The soft lines of wood on the floor and ceiling compromise the sharpness in the white cabinets in this San Francisco classic home design.

Cozy Scandinavian Style

Dream White Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Dream White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

This living room is filled with inviting textures in neutral tones, which adds style and comfort.

Dreamy Boho Bedroom

White Bedroom Design Bedroom Designs Design Trends
White Bedroom Design Bedroom Designs Design Trends

Bohemian, minimalist, and mid-century design styles are combined to create a peaceful, but not sterile space. We love the vintage-inspired dresser and the way it commands attention.

Shades of grey

White Bedroom Design Ideas Collection For Your Home
White Bedroom Design Ideas Collection For Your Home

A grey color scheme can be calming and soothing. This room’s white base allows it to be bright and vibrant, while the grey tones make this room livable and minimalist.

Creative Cutouts

This home goes beyond wood detailing with integrated cutouts that break down the white walls.

Industrial Reborn

The new house is a warehouse. White walls and ceiling accentuate the industrial lighting and steel-framed windows of this former-factory.

Bohemian Beauty

The white bedroom has many softening touches, including a sheer canopy that drapes from beam to mattress, as well as natural fiber accents like the basket, rope, and bench.

A Nordic Kitchen

The Scandinavian design of this kitchen and dining area is achieved with the use of wood and white. White paint is dynamic thanks to its blue undertone. Wood remains warm and soft for the perfect combination of color and texture.

Country Living

White gives a country kitchen a new look. This accents details like French doors and paned glasses above the cabinets.

Modern Marble

A gray-on-white wrapped marble countertop with dark wood flooring is the focal point of this white space.

White Water

This bathroom’s simple beauty leads to the modern soak tub and a beautiful view. This room is truly stunning. The black frame on the large wall-sized window is what makes this room really pop.

Entry for the Mid-Century

The warm and stylish entranceway is made up of four major pieces. It looks elegant and comfortable, and it feels lived-in.

Contemporary cohesion

This white kitchen is chef-worthy with its simple details on the white cabinets and shiny chrome fixtures.

Minimalist Meals

The apartment in the city looks luxurious with very little. It is enhanced by a few unique pieces, such as an oak dining table set and an oversized pendant lamp. This look is brought to life by fresh greens.

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