10+ DIY Air Plant Holders To Display Your Hovering Plants with Pride

Air plants are a great choice. They are beautiful, easy to maintain, and come in many styles. These are a great way to add greenery to your home.

After you have chosen an air plant you love, it’s time to decide where you want it to go. This DIY project will show you how to make an air plant holder that both holds and displays your plant. They can be minimalistic, so the air plant is the main focus, or they can be decorative.

Air Plant Holder with Rock and Wire

You can find everything you need in your home to make this air plant holder. When working with wire, practice makes perfect. Your holders will improve the more you do it.

Mini Air Plant Stands

This is a cute way to display your plants. Although these wooden mini plant stands require a bit more work than others, the results are worth it. These are great as individual pieces, but they look even better when used in a group.

Minimal Copper Air Plant Holder

This unique air plant holder is quite special. Copper piping is used to display the plant, and leather cording is used to create the hanger. This result is a minimalist air plant hanger that can be hung alongside any other home decor.

Bell Cups for Painted Air Plant Bells

Finding bell cups to make these beautiful air plant holders is worth the effort. After the bell cups dry, you can place your air plant in them. These cups can be painted to match the decor of the room in which they will be placed.

Air Plant Hangers

This unique hanger will make a bold statement about your air plants. These hangers are made from square dowel rods and suede cord. The hanger looks like an air plant floating on it.

Napkin Ring Holders for Air Plants

This unique air plant holder is truly remarkable. To hold the plants, it uses napkin rings. This project will show you how to attach the napkin rings onto a piece of wood that you can hang on the wall. You can apply this project to any napkin holder. So find one you like and give it a try.

Air Plant Pots

This is a great project! Dip dye the holder to create your own design. This project does not require any power tools. You will only need a drill. These are fun to make and will be a joy to place all over your house.

Hanging Air Planter in Gold and Gray

This project takes an air plant holder, flips it upside down and creates a unique hanger. To add some glamour, you’ll use an air plant pod. This is a beautiful holder that will be loved by everyone.

Paper Mache Air Plant Pod

This is a great project for kids! It’s simple to do and you can use items from your home. You will be proud to call this an air plant pod.

Birch Hanging Airplant Holder

This project will transform your little air plants into an impressive display. Wooden candle holders from repurposed are used to hold the air plants. A few macrame knots and some rope later, you have living art for your wall.

Air Plant Hanging Planter

Here’s how to hang an air plant. This project will teach you how to make a vessel out of clay and add finishing touches that make it sparkle. This makes a wonderful gift.

Wooden and leather plant hanger

This hanging air plant holder looks great in any room. To hang the holder, a small wooden bowl is painted with paint. This project is easy enough for beginners.

Wooden Air Plant Holders

You will need to collect flat wooden shapes for this DIY project. The drill bit will be used to create a hole big enough for your air plant to rest in. These wooden air plant holders can be painted, stained, or decorated in any way you want.

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