The Community Council of Pano (Upper) Polemidia, in its effort to transform the community to a more humane and beautiful community, has scheduled the creation of various common benefit projects. Some of these projects have already been completed and delivered to the inhabitants of the community, while others are in the stage of construction or research.

Open-air Theater.
It is an open-air amphitheater with a capacity of 2500 people. In it various events take place such as theatrical performances, school fairs, demonstrations of the school and of the Community Council. It gathers about 2500 people and it occurs around the end of August/ beginnings of September every year

Cultural Demonstrations Hall.
This building is the pride and joy not only of our community but also of the surrounding area. All sorts of cultural demonstrations take place such as theatrical performances, demonstrations from public and private schools, etc. It is air-conditioned and has a capacity of 650 spectators.

There's a public kindergarten attended by children aged three until preschool.

Community Playgrounds.
The contribution of our community to sports is equally great to its contribution to the cultural field. There's a mini football soccer field with plastic grass. The creation of a second mini football field is scheduled, as well as the creation of tennis and basketball courts in a unified space.

The House of Welfare Programs.
It is positioned on the road between Limassol and Platres and is attended by children aged 2 and up. Also in the same premises, there is a children's club for children who have no place to stay after finishing school and until their parents finish working. In the evening the children are offered food and entertainment.

New Kindergarden.
The building of a new, super-modern kindergarten, which will be manned by four persons, is scheduled; it will house the children that are now housed in the current building. The construction works are expected to begin very soon.

Additionally, a large building, which will house the offices of the Community Council, a day center for pensioners, and a trade center, is expected to be erected this year.

Childrens Park.
It is an extension of the open-air theater. We have created a place of magic for our little co-habitants in the community and it is on its way for completion.

There is a trade center in the middle of the settlement as well as a primary school that is a regional school (Pano Polemidia, Korfi, Alassa).

Handcrafts and Small Industries Zone.
There is a Handcrafts and Small Industries Zone with 22 building grounds. In this area there are handcraft workshops such as furniture manufacturers, aluminum industries, sign-makers and of other related professions. Soon it is expected that another 28 building grounds will be separated.

The Community Council of Pano Polemidia has created two camping sites. The first camping site is found in the village Arsos of the Limassol district and the second in the village Agios Nikolaos of the Pafos district.
They have been operating for six years now with great success. Every summer they host 120 to 140 children from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade of primary school.
They offer to the children an opportunity to meet from up close children of their age and to learn to create through grouping, as well as spending a few days of insouciance and fun.

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