Dear Friends,

I'm communicating with you today with mixed feelings of joy and sadness.

I express my joy because I am given the opportunity to communicate with all the people who visit our website. My satisfaction is great and I am pleased to share with you, dear friends, the fact that people can nowadays communicate with such a big facility, in whatever corner of the Earth they are.

My pleasure is twice as big when the achievements of science and technology enter into the service of man for peaceful purposes, for the progress of human society, for the development of all people, over and above their race and religion.

At the same time, I am very sad to mention the fact that despite the progress achieved in the development of man, there are countries, such as my small homeland, CYPRUS, which are still under occupation.

Today, we are 200 thousand refugees in the half of our homeland since 1974 and we expect the application of the resolutions the world society itself has voted.

Kyriacos Mavris
Chairman of the Pano Polemidia
Community Council

Gr. Afxentiou Corner &
130 Street. No. 2
4130 Pano Polemidia
EL.: 25397451, 25821400
FAX: 25714058