Ayia Anastasia Byzantine church.

Ayia Anastasia Byzantine church is a very remarkable medieval monument that was built in Pano Polemidia towards the end of the 14th century A.D. The church has two domes, a fact which leads to the conclusion that the building is the result of the union of two cruciform domed churches. The southern archway of these churches and the adjacent corner apartment have been destroyed. Today, the southern wall of the church is built exactly at the place where the southern archway supporting the domes stood.

The eastern part of the church is of the cruciform domed type. The arches and the archways of this church are ribbed and the apse is horseshoe. The dome has a circular base and a cylindrical spandrel with four small windows. The diameter of the dome is 2,10m.

The western part of the church is larger than the eastern part. It seems that it was a cruciform church. The archways and arches of this part were semi-circular. The dome is somewhat irregular and its diameter is 3,22m from east to west and 2,70m from north to south. From that part, where the original church was built, only the northern archway and the dome are preserved. The western, southern and eastern archways, as well as the apse have been destroyed.

The church was entirely decorated with frescoes. Nowadays, very few frescoes are preserved, thus making the iconographic restoration program difficult. We can only follow the iconographic program on the western dome. On the hemisphere of the dome, remains of an icon of the Pantocrator are preserved. In the area under the windows of the dome, half of a prayer representing the Preparation Throne, the praying Virgin, a four-formed Angel, a Cherubim and another Angel are preserved. Thus the frescoes represent the Pantocrator as a fair Judge who will judge men on Doomsday.

Prophets and other characters from the Ancient Testament are painted on the spandrel of the dome. Nowadays, David, Isaiah, Jeremy, Jacob, Aaron and others are preserved. The Evangelists are represented on the spherical triangles. Only the fresco of Marc the Evangelist is preserved, but it is fairly damaged.

On the eastern half of the northern archway (of the western part of the church) a small part of Ayios Georgios and scenes from its martyrdom are preserved. Traces of frescoes are also found on the western wall and the western part of the northern archway. On the north-eastern column of the same part, Panayia Eleousa is preserved, although very damaged.

On the western part of the northern archway (of the eastern part of the church) pieces of frescoes representing the Baptism and the Metamorphose are preserved, and on the eastern part of the same archway, part of a fresco of the Presentation of the Lord. Under the frescoes of the Baptism and the Presentation of the Lord, the half-damaged fresco of Ayios Antonios is preserved.

On the northern half of the central archway, which joins the western and eastern part of the church, the Deposition is better preserved.

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